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We are a Cape Town-based law firm dedicated to fostering personal and reliable relationships with both clients and colleagues. Our commitment is to provide legal services of the utmost quality while adopting a cost-effective approach for the benefit of our clients.

Our practice encompasses various areas of law, with a particular emphasis on cases that require litigation in the High Court, the administration of deceased estates, and family law matters. As a family-owned business, we comprehend the diverse interpretations of the term “family.” Families come in various forms, each unique in economic, cultural, social, and other dimensions. Nevertheless, they all share a common thread – a profound acknowledgment of the significance of the people involved.

Our specialization lies in family law, and we stand ready to assist you with any personal or family-related legal concerns when you need them the most. This includes issues such as relocation, child abduction, maintenance, prenuptial agreements, civil unions, adoption, parental rights and responsibility (custody) disputes, and other related family law matters.

Additionally, we boast a dedicated estate and trust department with a multi-faceted approach that encompasses a wide range of services. These services include estate planning, advice on pertinent tax matters (e.g., Estate Duty, Donations Tax, and Capital Gains Tax), administration of trusts and curatorships, as well as drafting wills and administering deceased estates.



Démari Pfister-Swart

Démari Pfister-Swart


DéMARI PFISTER-SWART is the founding partner and an attorney who has the rights of appearance the High Court, with extensive experience in the areas of Estate Planning, formulation of wills, trust deeds and similarly, succession planning documentation, administration of estates and Family law Matters (Divorces, Maintenance, Domestic Violence etc). She also lectures on the subject of the Administration of Deceased Estates at the South African Law School.

Keilah Pietersen

Keilah Pietersen


KEILAH PIETERSEN started her two-year practical vocational training with us in January 2023. She completed her BA degree majoring in Psychology and Political Science in 2018 and completed her LLB degree in 2022. She has a particular interest in Family Law and Estate related matters.

Klarisse Jordaan

Klarisse Jordaan

klarisse@pfisterattorneys.com / accounts@pfisterattorneys.com

KLARISSE JORDAAN serves as our dedicated Accounting and Administrative Assistant. With meticulous attention to detail and a strong organizational acumen, she ensures the smooth operation of financial and administrative tasks. Klarisse's commitment and expertise contribute significantly to our team's success and efficiency.

EJ Swart

EJ Swart


EJ SWART is our esteemed specialist in the Administration of Deceased Estates, exclusively focused on handling matters related to Deceased Estates. With profound expertise in this field, EJ navigates the complexities of estate administration meticulously, offering our clients peace of mind during challenging times.


To be recognized as the number one South African legal firm that provides effective and sufficient legal solutions.


to provide effective and concrete legal remedies in all spheres of law in the most efficient and professional manner all over South Africa.


We pride our selves in handling our clients with the most respect and dignity through out our entire legal journey.

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